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The lives of the Youngs


Welcome to Russell and Giulia's new and Updated website!

We aim to give you a little insight into our lives and help keep in touch with all our friends and family.


The new sections to come in the website are a page for Russell's 5-a-side team, The Feds, a page for Perth weather observations and climate / green issues, Russell's guide to WA golf courses as well as all the usual pictures and run-down on our various travels.


We hope you are interested in the site and do feel free to e-mail us still at the usual address or sign in to our guestbook and let us know what you are up to.


If you are here and you don't know us, then we hope you get something out of our little site and do also feel free to add comments in the guestbook. There are also links here to various important issues we feel passionately about and links to Russell's MySpace site too.





A Marriage Prayer

Lord Jesus, you have taught us that love is the fulfilling of the law. Teach us now what love really is, how much it costs, how far it leads, how deep it digs into our selfish selves.  Then give us the courage and the generosity to accept what this means today and tomorrow and in the whole future way of our lives.

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